new year, who dis?

it's me


per usual.

please pardon last month's missing monologue. the days all run together lately and it didn't dawn on me that it was the 2nd until it was the 3rd so just charge it to my head and not my heart.


now. let's. get. to. it.


two thousand and seventeen was a damn doozy, won't it?!

i'm writing this on the very last day of the year, because retrospect and procrastination

i learned a lot this year. like how much i love lavender chai tea lattes. and how much i adore hearing my significant other laugh. i learned how i can make a difference. i learned a small bit of french. i learned to listen to my gut. to listen in general. i learned more about patience. i learned how difficult, fun, rewarding, and lowkey stupid it is to start a business. i learned that my tummy loves kombucha and hates dairy even more than it used to. i learned to listen to my body. i learned to meet myself where i am along with those around me. i learned to release. i learned not to go too long without practicing yoga. i learned how happy i feel when i'm surrounded by live music. and gardens or nature. and bees. i learned how supported i am. i learned to learn from those around me even more. i learned of amazing efforts taking place in richmond, va. i learned to not judge myself when i fall into a bit of negativity. i learned to observe myself more. i learned that i was comfortable within my comfort zone. i learned to get and to stay the hell out of there.

i learned more about my own capabilities.

i learned that "practice takes practice".

i learned to sit still more often.

i am learning.


two thousand and eighteen will probably be a damn doozy, too, but it'll be a year of application and abundance. a time to take all the things learned so far and apply them to the best of our abilities. a time to take even more time to tune into the divine power within. a time to continue calling forth a deserving destiny. a time to connect on so many levels. a time to let things happen as they're meant to. a time to build. a time to change the damn game.

no resolution necessary.

this year is the year to stop saying we're going to do this or that. this is the year to get it done.

i don't know about y'all, but i've felt a shift happening since about august. personally and throughout communities, people, hearts, the world, all of it. the time is upon us.

the time to do.

to be.

to love.

to prosper.

it's here. it's happening. have at it!


if you're reading this, i thank you with my whole, entire heart. we're almost 1 year old here at all u need and we'd be nothing without U! praying for many blessings, peace and love your way and thanking you once again for your continued support.


tune in and stay tuned