wax waft

wax waft

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aromatherapy melt. warm your space & soul with the scent of ginger throughout. may also be used as a minor first-aid ointment.

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all natural wax melt warms the room with the scent of ginger throughout, bringing relaxation to wherever you are. surprisingly, this product does not contain any ginger. simply place a quarter sized amount into the raised dish/bowl of your oil warmer, heat, and let the aroma waft itself your way. best when used for 30-60 minutes, max. may also be used sparingly as a first-aid ointment for minor scrapes, cuts, and burns. 

please use caution when using any type of oil warmer. keep away from potentially flammable items. please extinguish your heat if any popping or excessive smoking occurs when warming this oil. be cautious when dealing with warmed oils as they can be a hazard if in contact with skin.


all natural ingredients.

available in 2oz and 1oz sizes.

please store in a cool, dry place. do not leave in direct sunlight. please ensure hands are dry before entering container. please test on a patch of skin to ensure no allergic reaction. if you have a known plant allergy, please contact us before placing your order to discuss options.

please, PLEASE recycle. reuse to receive coming soon!

always remember, a little goes a long way.






lemongrass [cymbopogon flexuosus], lavender [lavandula officinalis], tea tree, [melaleuca alternifolia] marjoram [majorana hortensis l.]