come 'bucha™ kombucha

come 'bucha™ kombucha

from 2.22

unique, love-crafted homebrews available locally [for now!] in & around richmond, va.

good news : small batch ‘bucha, home brewed with love.

“bad” news : you get what we got when we got it - no substitutions, no schedule.

place your order for your own probiotic brew. please allow 3-4 weeks for brewing, unless otherwise noted. we will send a notification when we’ve begun your brew & once it’s ready for you!

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| come - boo - chuh |

  1. an effervescent fermented tea beverage said to have many healthy bacteria, known as probiotics

all natural fermented tea.

all natural ingredients.

available in recycled & sanitized bottles.

please store in a refrigerator when you're not consuming this beverage. do not leave in direct sunlight. if you have a known tea allergy, please contact us before placing your order to discuss options.

please, PLEASE recycle. have any glass vessels you wanna recycle?

always remember, a little goes a long way. recommended serving size 4-5oz.


tea base:




flavor examples: