beard buttah

beard buttah

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facial hair [area] pomade. great for facial hair of all types. prevents pesky itch & balances breakouts. promoting hair growth & smooth skin all around.

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all natural beard balm. great for facial hair of all types. light, woodsy notes with a hint of citrus. may be used for beards, mustaches, combinations, and bare faces. prevents pesky itch & balances breakouts underneath. brings nourishment to the skin, promoting healthy hair and skin all around. consistent usage recommended for best results. 

a pea sized amount is plenty to go around, regardless of how much hair. please have clean, dry hands before dipping fingers into container. spread buttah between palms or fingers to warm, massage facial hair & surrounding skin. try after a hot shower for extra attention to pores.

all natural ingredients.

available in 2oz & 1oz jars.

please store in a cool, dry place. do not leave in direct sunlight. please ensure hands are dry before entering container. please test on a patch of skin to ensure no allergic reaction. if you have a known plant allergy, please contact us before placing your order to discuss options.

please, PLEASE recycle.

always remember, a little goes a long way.




coconut, castor, olive


rosemary [rosmarinus officinalis], tea tree [melaleuca alternifolia], chamomile [chamaemelum nobile], cedarwood [cedrus atlantica], sweet orange [citrus sinensis]