help fulls

service is a large part of why we do all that we do.

below are options near & dear to us that provide avenues to not only assist, but empower.


the earth workers’ eclectic

a collective group of persons of color who live, love & practice on earth. our mission is to sustain communities of color & injustice through whole ways of living by providing culturally representative access, education, & connection to holistic healing, intentional spaces, & environmental justice.

basically, we [meaning people of color / marginalized communities] want to save the earth while also saving ourselves. using earth elements & Her way of life to ultimately heal her as we heal self through gathering, reflecting, making, & growing.


the richmond food justice alliance

the grassroots community engagement leg of the food justice corridor working to increase healthy food access in our neighborhoods. a once thriving black wall street, the “harlem of the south”, is now a concentrated area of low income housing due to historical displacement of families of color. we are one of many organizations working in unison towards a vision of advancing health equity while preventing violence. we are working to use urban agriculture as a tool to achieve our goals of improved access in area with a lack of access. this will also expand empowerment efforts throughout the city of richmond to strengthen our commitment to youth incarceration alternatives.

donate to or subscribe to recurring support below. all proceeds benefit the programming & organizational capacity of the richmond food justice alliance.


issa fundraiser

for food justice

click the pic for more info on how to support food justice efforts in richmond, va by supporting food justice wherever you are.