encouraging a symbiotic culture through a symbiotic culture


kombucha workshops

kombucha is said to have many benefits, most boiling down to it being a probiotic - a healthy bacteria that makes your gut really happy. kombucha is created through the process of fermentation - the chemical breakdown of a substance by way of bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms. we like to call it a bit of a magic trick, really - all you need's a starter disk, a good tea, sugar, & a covered vessel - set it up, leave it be, come back to a completely different being!

after all, it is alive ... 

we get into the thick of all things kombucha in each of our 2 [& a half!] come 'bucha™ class options:

first flavoring class

first flavoring class


brew beginnings

starting your brew| 60 min

learn the basics to building your brew's foundation. 

we begin with brewing the tea! introducing you to kombucha: what is is, what it offers, the way it's made. from utensils to your vessel, we take you through the brew from start to finish, ending with a batch that's ready to get fizzy!

flavored ferments

what's your flavor? | 60 min

let your creativity run wild. you won't find these flavors on any grocery aisle ... yet!

this part is strictly up to you! the possibilities are literally endless. fruits, vegetables, juices, spices, & herbs - spruce it up however you'd like! soon as the batch is ready to bottle, we'll gather 'round & fill you in on this second ferment.

kombucha kickback

taste what we made | TBD

let loose & enjoy the fruits of your fermentation.

in our honest opinion, this is the best part of the brew, but we'll definitely let you decide - the final product is ready & so are we! time to take the tops off & give our taste buds what they've been waiting for this whole time!


do you even brew?

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