K o m b u c h a

| come - boo - chuh |

It all started when...

i heard the word "kombucha"! i love words. so much so that when an unfamiliar word falls upon my ears, i'm eager to learn more. simply put, kombucha is a fermented sweet tea that gives so much nourishment to our bodies - specifically, our guts. now don't get me wrong, it's a fermented beverage so there's tartness, sourness, and a faint scent to go along, but you get used to it, i promise! 

with many things that help, and hurt, our bodies, consistency is key. after 20+ years of being a self-renowned sweet tea connoisseur, my dentist let me know that i had my first cavity. shortly after that tiny crisis, i heard about the advantages of kombucha and decided to give it a try. at about $4 a pop, depending on brand preference, buying 'bucha ain't cheap. purchasing a few on a weekly basis started to add up. i researched how this was made from scratch; simple enough process of brewing tea as if you were making some good ol' sweet tea *insert soft cry here* and adding in a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY for short. this pellicle containing all this good bacteria and yeast takes sweet tea and turns it into a slightly sour, effervescent and flavorful drink, delivering sustenance back into the body! 

i LOVE trying new flavor profiles and teas! suggestions are definitely welcome! if you, too, brew at home and ever need an extra SCOBY, email me! i have a nice hotel storing my extra babies and would love to share the wealth. 


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