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we create with you in mind.

uniquely crafted with the purpose of providing the utmost benefits.

real, simple ingredients to easily work into your everyday. all you need to feed your hair, body, or soul at any given time or place, sending a gentle reminder that you carry all that you need within.

it all started with rosemary ...

In 2014, my mother brought something to my attention. her hair had been thinning after years of perming, coloring, & stressing, along with a lack of self-hair-care. one spot in particular became bare & unbearable.

4 years into a natural hair journey of my own, she asked me to look into some things to help her out. Seeing & hearing of how she was dealing with this loss was all the motivation necessary.


i'm v , like the peace sign 


i own & operate all u need naturals + come 'bucha workshops.

i'm an extroverted introvert that loves love, light, nighttime, tattoos, the smell of hardware stores, & being outside on a warm day when the breeze feels just right. i'm an aspiring pescatarian & apiarist, an earth worker, & a lover of music.

when i was younger, my parents would reprimand me whenever i conducted an "experiment" with perfectly good lotions and soaps. there was never any rhyme or reason to my trials - i literally just enjoyed mixing things together. nowadays, i've gotten my rhythm down packed & i have too many reasons for doing what i do.

my favorite: helping those around me in any way that i'm able.

though i'm excited to see what's to come, i'm in the process of appreciating & staying fully in what's going on right now.


walking in purpose. always a student first.

with love

- v -