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all u need naturals creates comfort & ease for our users when reading what each product contains. we create products with intention, using all natural ingredients, bringing the utmost benefits back to you. 

In 2014, my mother brought something to my attention. her hair had been thinning after years of perming, coloring, & stressing, along with a lack of self-hair-care. one spot in particular became bald.

i was 4 years into my natural journey & She asked me to look some things up to help her out. Seeing what she was dealing with was all the motivation I needed. it all started with rosemary essential oil...


all u need's owner


i'm v , like the peace sign 


i'm an extroverted introvert that loves love, nighttime, tattoos, the smell of hardware stores, & being outside on a warm day when the breeze feels just right. i'm a transitioning pescatarian, an aspiring apiarist, a gardener, & a lover of musical theatre. 

when i was younger, my parents would reprimand me whenever i conducted an "experiment" with perfectly good lotions and soaps. there was never any rhyme or reason to my "trials"; i literally just enjoyed mixing things together. nowadays, i've gotten my rhythm down packed and i have too many reasons for doing what i do. my favorite: helping those around me that need it. in any way that i'm able. 

i'm currently studying herbalism. though i'm excited to see what's to come, i'm in the process of appreciated and being fully in what's going on right now.

just being.

walking in purpose. always a student first.

with love

- v -