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we create with you in mind.

uniquely crafted with the purpose of providing the utmost benefits.

real, simple ingredients to easily work into your everyday. all you need to feed your hair, body, or soul at any given time or place, sending a gentle reminder that you carry all that you need within.

it all started with rosemary ...

In 2014, my mother brought something to my attention. her hair had been thinning after years of perming, coloring, & stressing, along with a lack of self-hair-care. one spot in particular became bare & unbearable after going natural.

4 years into a natural hair journey of my own, she asked me to look into some things to help her out. Seeing & hearing of how she was dealing with this loss was all the motivation necessary.

but what’s with the food!?

not sure if you’ve noticed a wee bit of a theme throughout but we love food. it’s been a passion since youth & has shown itself as a career in advocacy as an adult.

we’ve always been under the belief of “crafting food as thy medicine”. all of our ingredients are all natural, derived from plant sources & not stripped of their benefits. you could literally eat these items, they’re that natural, but we totally recommend not doing so as they contain some essential oils. feeding your hair, body, & soul, though!? we’ve got you covered - literally!

who’s all this for?

we make it known that our products are for all hair, skin, & soul types. there’s a balancing act within all we make that creates an ideal option for all. goods that aren’t too heavy or too light, too oily or too tough to apply, but made each time, juuust right!

we say that to make the point that even though we make items for all y’all, this is & always will be

a black business

we unconditionally love black people & continuously uplift & uphold them.

we normalize uncomfortability in these conversations. we understand everybody ain’t there yet.

if you follow us on social media, you’ll notice a theme there. if you know of our work in the richmond food justice alliance & our sister over at sun path farms you’ll notice a reason there. if you know us in real life (or even if ya just know us as an innanet homie) you completely get the bigger picture.

we always say “a little 🖤 goes a long way” & love does in fact drive out hate - but love alone ain’t gon get us across the finish line. the work that’s taking place in our city alone refuses to be ahistorical by addressing how we got to this point as it relates to food access & that's just one prong - systemically speaking, there have been too many intentional blockages put in our way due to the pigments in our skin & it’s time out now. change is here.

we fight for any persons or communities of color & injustice who’ve had to “work twice as hard just to get half as much” & if you haven’t heard that speech from a parent or elder growing up, then baby, don’t give any if, and, but, or backlash about this ‘cause it’s not time for you.


i'm v , like the peace sign 


i own & operate all u need naturals + come 'bucha workshops.

i'm an extroverted introvert that loves love, light, nighttime, tattoos, the smell of hardware stores, & being outside on a warm day when the breeze feels just right. i'm an aspiring pescatarian & apiarist, an earth worker, & a lover of music.

when i was younger, my parents would reprimand me whenever i conducted an "experiment" with perfectly good lotions and soaps. there was never any rhyme or reason to my trials - i literally just enjoyed mixing things together. nowadays, i've gotten my rhythm down packed & i have too many reasons for doing what i do.

my favorite: helping those around me in any way that i'm able.

though i'm excited to see what's to come, i'm in the process of appreciating & staying fully in what's going on right now.


walking in purpose. always a student first.

with love

- v -